The Green Scene: 5 Eco-friendly Living Tips for 2017

Jan 12, 2017, 17:45 PM
Start your New Year off right with a resolution that reaps the benefits all year long! We always hear about people making the same resolutions year in and year out – whether it is to hit the gym more or vowing to eat less sugar, we all want to create tangible goals that keep us accountable to the future that we want for ourselves. Going green is one of those goals that is both challenging and attainable, with the bonus of not only being good for you but for the planet too!


Living green should be at the top of your 2017 “to do” list, and the City of Edmonton is working to inspire Edmontonians to try to put their best foot forward and take charge of our planet’s future. They are bringing you The Green Scene, an interactive and educational feature at the Edmonton Renovation Show, running January 27 through 29 at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

Going green doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it’s certainly not difficult to include just a few environmentally friendly elements into your daily life. We asked a few of the Green Scene’s exhibitors and speakers to share their best living green tips and tricks. Read on!

"Switching to solar power is no longer just an environmentally friendly choice but also an economical one. By installing a solar PV system for your home, you can save on your electricity costs in the long run and protect yourself from volatility in the energy market and costs associated with the incoming carbon tax.” - David Vonesch P. Eng. Partner, SkyFire Energy Inc.


“Unplug coffee makers, printers, cable boxes, and other electronics that are drawing power even when they are turned off. These small phantom loads can add up. Especially since a typical home in Canada spends about $159 a year on standby power." - Chris Barry, Energy Efficiency Guru at Ensegs

"Wash your clothes on cold with the shortest time setting and use detergents designed for cold water. Then use a clothesline or a drying rack to dry your laundry. Cutting down on the use of an electric clothes dryer can save you hundreds of dollars a year." - Chris Barry, Energy Efficiency Guru at Ensegs

"Replace incandescent light bulbs or CFL's with LED bulbs. If you were to replace ten 60W incandescent light bulbs with ten 9W LED bulbs you could save over $70 per year." - Chris Barry, Energy Efficiency Guru at Ensegs


“It’s a great idea to conduct a smoke test around your windows and doors as air leaks can be costly. A quick and easy solution is to light an incense stick, or a match, and watch if the smoke waivers or if it remains undisturbed. If the smoke waivers, the outside air is finding a way into your home and you need to take the necessary steps to seal the crack or opening,” - Riall Laplante, Managing Partner at Insulated Panel Kits.

To learn more about green living and how you can implement different eco friendly products and ideas into your home, stop by the Green Scene at the Edmonton Renovation Show running January 27 through 29 at the Edmonton Expo Centre!

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