It's time to ring in the New Year the right way - on trend and on budget! Join us on The Sleep Country Main Stage, presented by HGTV Canada and the Edmonton Journal to hear from top home improvement leaders including HGTV Canadas's Bryan Baeumler. Whether you’re starting to build your dream home or are tackling renovation projects one room at a time, our special guests will help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to tackle it all! From the top trends in 2024 to industry best practices you need to know, it’s where tips, tricks and expert advice unite! 

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The Lounge

Grab a glass and 'sip' back and relax in The Lounge. Rest those weary feet after visiting your favourite exhibitors and take a minute to soak in all the inspiration for your next home renovation project. The Lounge is the perfect place for a little pick-me-up to keep your creative juices flowing and your body energized! 

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One Stop Sustainability Shop

A sustainable home has never been more accessible or more beautiful. Edmonton’s zero-waste general store re:plenish brings their high-quality, natural and covetable self-care, household and everyday products for visitors to peruse and shop, but you won’t leave with a basket full of single-use plastic. Their re-fill station allows shoppers to stock existing containers with products or use Re:Plenish’s selection of reusable jars, pumps and more. What are you waiting for? Your journey to a zero-waste home starts here! 

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Tranquil Spaces

Incorporating plants into our living spaces is more than just a trendy decor choice; it is a way to create a serene oasis that promotes relaxation and well-being. From purifying the air we breathe to enhancing our connection with nature, plants have a multitude of benefits that can positively impact our mental and physical health. 

So, why not transform your space into a tranquil haven by embracing the beauty and serenity that plants bring.

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The Power Plant

Time to bud farewell to lush-less spaces and pay homage to the living entities that will never...leaf you. Whether your lawn has been yawning or it’s “thyme” to add some more florals into your small space, you can grow your green thumb at The Power Plant presented by Botaniful. This space of flourishing botany will have to seeding for more! 

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Breath of Fresh Design

It's time to breathe new life into your space. If your home feels uninspired and in need of a revival, take your space from drab to fab with curated designs by Turquoise Chair. Start your new year's journey on the right foot and explore the latest design trends and vibrant colors that will add a burst of energy into every corner of your living space. Say goodbye to the mundane, and welcome a fresh perspective that revitalizes your surroundings, turning your home into a stylish haven. A Breath of Fresh Design will guide you through the exciting world of interior style possibilities, where every detail breathes new life into your space, creating a home that's as dynamic and vibrant as you are.


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The Great Outdoors Experience: by TGO Landscaping

Explore a curated outdoor living exhibit at the Edmonton Home and Garden Show – "The Great Outdoors Experience," presented by TGO Landscaping. Immerse yourself in a custom designed exhibit featuring a diverse array of outdoor living spaces, each created to captivate your senses. Rediscover the essence of Alberta's outdoor living as TGO Landscaping invites you to redefine your connection with the outdoors. Explore a blend of nature and design, with uniquely curated furniture and accessories that elevate the allure of each space. Let The Great Outdoors change the way you entertain, escape, and enjoy the outdoors

The Help Desk

Looking for a specific exhibitor or category? Stop at the Help Desk! We’ll point you in the right direction. Find all the help you need at Booth #1429 in Hall C.



DIY Training Center – Tackle any project like a pro. 

Time to get geared up and start training like a pro! Whether you’re new to power tools, want to learn the best techniques for tiling or need a refresher on drywalling – jump into the DIY Training Center to kick-start your renovation skills! Get hands-on training and learn some of the most important basics you need to tackle any home improvement project. What are you waiting for? Slide-on your safety glasses and let’s get building!  Located in booth #913 in Hall B.