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Edmonton AB
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Company Description:

Kitchen renovation is one of the most significant improvements a home can get. It can be the costliest renovation, with many different components to consider.

N-Hance wood refinishing services can give a new life to your cabinets, renewing their natural beauty or updating them with a more modern look. color, or change the look of your cabinets completely.

N-Hance uses a high-performance revolutionary process, low VOC water-based polyurethane finishes to keep the environment and atmosphere safe. Its proprietary Lightspeed process of refinishing cabinets, hardwood floors, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the signature of N-Hance.

* No Sanding
* Dust-Free
* Non-Toxic
* No Noxious Fumes
* Heat Resistant
* Moisture Resistant
* Impact Resistant

Lightspeed is a powerful Ultraviolet light, that makes the cabinets Durable, Protected, cares for Longevity, and comes with Anti-Microbial properties that reduce Bacterial growth by 99%, keeping the home cleaner, a healthier approach to refinishing the cabinets or floor inside your home, office & institutions.

New Products

Lightspeed® Nano Instant-Cure Wood Refinishing from N-Hance
Lightspeed® Nano technology uses UV light to instantly cure a final, durable topcoat to your cabinets or floors. Surfaces will be 100% ready for immediate use when we leave. N-Hance can tr

Product Images:

Before: Light Birch Wood
After: Light Birch- Color Change: <br />Refinished to realist Beige tone on Satin Sheen. <br /><br />Finalized with our revolutionary Lightspeed plus, an Ultraviolet Light for Durability, Protection, longevity  with anti microbial properties which elimina
Light Oak wood refinished to a Balboa Mist tone finished
Dark Oak Wood : Color Change to a Cloud White tone using our proprietary paint.  Paint is manufactured and formulated by NHance designed for kitchen environment.
A Blonde birch changed color to a Realist Beige tone. House shows its glow looks wide and spacious.


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