DIY vs. Pros: When you should hire a certified contractor

Jan 22, 2024, 21:02 PM


There is much to consider when embarking on a home renovation journey, big or small. Among these considerations is knowing when to begin a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project for a home reno or hire a professional contractor.

DIY home renovation projects can sound very enticing. It's possible to save a little money. However, anyone who has completed home renovations knows the reality is much different! In most cases, DIY home renovations take much longer than expected, with varying results. And, unless you're a pro, getting the job done right and on a budget can be challenging.

And, when adding up the costs of buying equipment and materials and factoring in time, will a DIY project truly help you save? And will the finished product look professional?

RenovationFind, a trusted online resource in the home improvement industry, shares things to consider when opting for DIY vs. hiring a professional.


Time Commitment

Do you have time for a DIY renovation? If you work a full-time job or have young kids to care for, completing a home renovation will cost you. Installing a new countertop or painting your cabinets may seem like it won't take too much time. But, when you factor in your work schedule, your kid's schedule and other family commitments, a job that was supposed to take a weekend may stretch on for months.

When you hire a certified contractor you can trust, the stress of completing a home renovation yourself goes out the window. Taking advantage of the skills of the best painting contractors in Edmonton, for example, also means the work will be done quickly and to a standard that can only come with years of experience. With a professional, you get to keep that precious free time that (for most of us) is in limited supply.


Increase Home Value

Many home renovations can increase the value of your home. Improvements such as a minor kitchen remodel, bathroom upgrade and even exterior renovations can make your home more enticing for sellers and offer a great ROI. Remodeling Magazine offers more info on this in its annual cost vs. value report.

In most cases, value increases when you hire certified contractors to renovate your home. They do the job correctly, with flawless results, and comply with building codes and industry regulations. Home insurance policies won't cover some DIY renovations that are not to code, and future buyers won't like it either. That can cost you later. Professional upgrades deliver peace of mind for home buyers, and many home buyers can easily tell a DIY home reno from a professional job.

When considering this, the upfront cost of hiring the best air conditioning and repair contractors in Edmonton, or a certified contractor in any field, comes with many benefits a DYI project can't deliver.


Exceptional Results

Last but certainly not least, it's important to remember that experienced, certified contractors are experts in their field. They have years of education, training and practical experience. Not only is that valuable while renovating, it also ensures the durability and safety of your home renovation.

In addition, you'll receive better results and won't have to pay to have botch-job renovations fixed later. Contractors in any field will use the very best equipment and materials. They will also provide a finished product to wow even the most discerning clientele.


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